Maintenance Tips

Learn how to run and maintain equipment with Southeastern Mechanical, Inc. tips!

Heating and Air Conditioning Tips

  • To save on your heating and air conditioning bills, lower your thermostat 6 – 8 degrees during the day when space is unoccupied and 2 – 3 degrees at night to save on heat loss which is greatest at night.

  • By installing a programmable thermostat, you can program the heating/air conditioning to automatically lower or raise the settings during occupied and unoccupied times. A programmable thermostat will cost between $100 and $250 installed.

  • Check your air filter every 30 – 60 days and replace them when needed.  If you have a permanent filter, we recommend every 30 – 60 days you clean the filter with mild detergent or per manufacture’s recommendations.

  • In the summer, to keep the operating time of the air conditioner down, keep as much of the sunlight’s warmth out as much as possible by closing as many shades as possible.

  • In the winter, you will want to open as many shades as possible to let the warmth of the sunlight in to keep your furnace operating at a minimum.

  • Once again, if your furnace or air conditioner is older that 15 years old, we recommend that you replace your existing equipment with newer, high efficiency equipment to save you money on your gas and electric bill.

General Maintenance Tips

An annual tune-up is recommended by all manufactures on all heating and air conditioning equipment.  By having your system tuned by our qualified technicians to operate at peak performances, the tune-up will end paying for itself by operating at optimal performance.

3 quick maintenance tips

  1. Check the batteries in your digital thermostat once a year – By checking or changing batteries once a year, a no heat situation can be eliminated.

  2. Check your drain lines for flow – If you have a drain line connected to your furnace, you need to check this every once and a while to check for flow.  Over time, the furnace will develop sludge in them causing them to plug and not allow the furnace to operate.  To clean these drain lines, pour a small amount of bleach through the drain line until you are sure there is a good flow through the drain line.  Use caution with any cleaning agent that maybe harmful to your eyes or skin.

  3. Change your filter every 1 – 3 months – There are 4 reasons for this:

    • Better air flow

    • Will heat or cool your home quicker

    • Provides less stress on your equipment

    • Will filter the air so you have less dust

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