Frequently Asked Questions

Does SMI offer 24 Hour Emergency Service?

By calling (262) 878-0634, a qualified service technician will call you back as soon as possible to assist you with all of your heating and air conditioning needs.

What brands of equipment does SMI service?

SMI services all brands of equipment.

Will a new furnace and air conditioner lower my gas and electric bill?

Absolutely. By having our highly trained technicians installing a new high efficiency furnace and/or air conditioner, your gas and electric bill will usually be cut in half. In-sulation quality in your home is also important in keeping your heating and air conditioning bills lower.

How long should my old furnace and air conditioner last?

Most furnaces and air conditioners last between 15 and 20 years, but by replacing your furnace and/or air conditioner before its life expectancy is up with a high efficiency furnace and/or air conditioner can save you money on your gas and electric bills. Are there any add-on features that I can add to my heating and air conditioning equipment? Every household has different comfort needs built into their heating and air conditioning system. By adding a humidifier, dry throats, itchy eyes, and static electricity can be eliminated. To remove unwanted dust in your house hold, you can add an air cleaner. Save money by adding a programmable thermostat to keep your system at a lower operating level when your home is unoccupied, and back up to temperature when you get back home. If you don’t like the odors from cooking, smoke, chemicals, and other household smells and want to reduce allergies, add a ultraviolet system that drastically increase the indoor quality from these issues. Larger homes have hot and cold rooms. In these rooms, consider installing a zoning system for added comfort. Any of the above items can be added to your system to help increase your household comfort.

How often should I schedule a check-up for my heating and air conditioning system?

A clean and check is suggested to be done before the heating and cooling season. We also recommend that your filter be changed twice a year to keep the air your household breathes clean, unless you have a high efficiency filter which could last 6 – 12 months.